5 Signs That You Need New Tires

Hands of mechanic changing a wheel of a modern car
Maintaining your vehicle’s tires is crucial to the overall well-being of your car. That’s why our friends at How Stuff Works have put together this list of five warning signs that may mean you need new tires. Tread Depth Tread on your vehicle’s tires should never go below 1/16 of an inch... [read more]

Why You Should Consider The 2017 Ford Explorer As Your Next SUV

2017 Ford Explorer
Choosing the perfect SUV for the modern family is now easier than ever with the 2017 Ford Explorer. From exterior features, interior design, and more, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible SUV to fit your daily needs. That’s why our friends at Top Speed put together... [read more]

2018 GMC Acadia Vs 2018 Toyota Highlander

Close up of a man receiving new car key.
When shopping for your next SUV, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible vehicle to fit your everyday needs. Price points, exterior styling and trim, interior, and other features are key to choosing the perfect model for your lifestyle. That’s why our friends at Autobytel put together... [read more]

Ultimate Performance: The 2020 Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger parked on a rocky overlook
Nobody handles tough jobs like Ford, and while the full-size F-150 dominates its class, the maker has recently reintroduced a fearsome contender in the compact pickup arena. Following its return just one year prior, the 2020 Ford Ranger offers well-rounded capability for all your towing, hauling, and off-roading needs. All the... [read more]

Feel Like A Million Bucks In The Ford F-150 Platinum

F-150 Platinum parked under a bridge
If you’re looking for a hearty pickup truck that can stand up to the toughest tasks while still providing a comfortable ride when the work is done, Ford has your answer. The F-150 leads its full-size truck rivals with incredible power and performance, and it offers a broad trim range... [read more]

Comfort Within Reach: The All New 2020 Ford Escape

2020 Escape parked under light
When the open road awaits, the Ford Escape is ready to help you make your getaway. This powerful yet efficient SUV complements Ford’s renowned performance with smart safety technology and a stylish cabin, and a full redesign for 2020 enhances its value with more driver assistance tools and a fresh... [read more]

Keep Things Rolling With The Right Tires

Service tires and wheels on display.
Grip and traction are vital in everything in life. There’s a reason why football players wear cleats. Or why basketball players wear special sneakers. Even though professional athletes spend their entire lives working out to gain a competitive advantage, it would all be erased if they weren’t able to translate... [read more]

Get To Know The Ford Mustang: An American Classic

2020 Ford Mustang
In 1964 Ford manufactured a car that would go on to be one of the most legendary cars ever made. Can you guess what car that is? If you guessed the Ford Pinto, then guess again. It’s, of course, the Ford Mustang. A vehicle that distinguished itself even during an... [read more]

A Truck As Unique As You Are: Build Your Own F-150

2020 F-150
The Ford F-150 has been America’s number one selling truck for 43 consecutive years. There are countless reasons why it has held that honor for so many years. F-150’s are built to last, they are durable, reliable, and offer features that make owning one a pleasure. It’s a truck that... [read more]

Wow Your Family With The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board
If you spend much time looking at pictures of food on the internet, then you probably know that charcuterie boards are all the rage lately. These wooden boards are decked out with all kinds of food. While charcuterie boards were originally made with cured meats, you can now add just... [read more]