A Truck As Unique As You Are: Build Your Own F-150

2020 F-150The Ford F-150 has been America’s number one selling truck for 43 consecutive years. There are countless reasons why it has held that honor for so many years. F-150’s are built to last, they are durable, reliable, and offer features that make owning one a pleasure. It’s a truck that can pass any test you throw at it.

About the 2020 F-150

Above and beyond its quality manufacturing, the F-150 has remained so popular over the years due to the variety of models and trim offered by Ford. Its standard trim levels cover everything the average truck owner could need and plenty more. However, Ford also offers specialty models like the Ford Raptor which is one of the most supercharged trucks ever built. Its suspension is next level and it comes with upgraded tires that make any road condition possible.

Although, despite offering more models than other automobile manufacturers, the F-150 is also completely customizable. That’s right, Ford lets you build an F-150 from scratch. It’s an online heaven for truck buyers. Ford knows that people who drive trucks use it in a myriad of ways. 

For those who don’t need a heavy-duty truck, customize your 2020 F-150 to focus on interior amenities and fuel economy. Turn it into the perfect tailgating vehicle. Turn it into whatever fits your needs

Some people don’t need much. In that case, equip your truck with what you need and get out the door with a cost-effective option that is still a beast in its own right.

But many need a truck that can go the distance. One that can go anywhere, tow anything, and conquer every task in its path. If that sounds like you then load your F-150 up with features and capabilities for all that you need. It’s endless where you can take the design and customization of your new 2020 Ford F-150.

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Get Yours at Long Lewis Ford

Visit Ford’s website to build your ultimate machine. However, you might find the perfect truck for you locally. If custom ordering a new truck isn’t your style then browse our new 2020 Ford F-150 inventory at Long Lewis Ford in Alabama.

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