Check Out A Roller Derby Bout This Weekend

Check Out A Roller Derby Bout This Weekend
Brace yourself for a thrilling roller derby jam as Birmingham’s Tragic City Rollers will treat the town to a doubleheader this July! The event starts with a bout featuring TCR’s junior league, and the Iron City Maidens will face off against Montgomery Roller Derby at 7 p.m.

When and Where

The bouts will take place at the Zamora Shrine Center on Saturday, July 20. The event starts at 4 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m. Tickets are available HERE. The center is located at 3521 Ratliff Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35210. This family-friendly event offers free admission for kids under eight years old.

Retro Night

The event will rock an ’80s theme, so break out your neon, denim, and any other accessories you may have tucked away in your closet. There will even be a costume contest during halftime. After the event, fans 21 years and older are welcome to join the team at Marty’s GM to celebrate.

Flat Track Roller Derby

The Tragic City Rollers have mastered a version of the sport called flat track roller derby. As you may have guessed, this variation differs from the standard game because the track itself is level, not sloping inward. Because it’s much easier to build a flat track rather than a sloping circuit, the flat track variation has helped the sport spread like wildfire. The lower construction costs allow teams to form with far less capital available, and leagues are rapidly popping up in communities that foster the sport’s trademark DIY ingenuity.

The Tragic City Rollers are in good company here in Alabama, with healthy competition from our neighbors, the Druid City Dames of Tuscaloosa, the Dixie Derby Girls of Huntsville, and this week’s visitors, Montgomery Roller Derby. Tragic City even has a junior league known as the Trouble Makers.

About the Bout

While the course is different, the goal doesn’t change. The object of the sport is to lap the other team, but it’s easier said than done. Both teams skate in the same direction, with one lead for each team. This lead, known as a “jammer,” must break ahead and try to lap the other team, while the rest of the skaters try to intercept the opposing jammer. The “jams” that occur when the jammers are blocked can seem rather intense, making roller derby a fantastic spectator sport.

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While in Birmingham

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