Cook With The Best For National Herb Day


If you have suffered through meals that lacked flavor, you know the importance of herbs and spices to make a dish exciting and delicious. While taste is the main factor when adding herbs and spices, they also add beautiful color to the plate and provide us with important nutrients. Some people may think cooking with herbs and spices requires complicated recipes or spending a fortune at the grocery store, but that is not the case. Rebecca Toback has a list of 7 great recipes for National Herbs and Spices Day that will make your family’s taste buds go wild. National Herbs and Spices Day is right around the corner on June 10. Celebrate by making these wonderful dishes that are sure to impress everyone.

Health Benefits

Delicious flavor is sometimes associated with unhealthy food, and healthy meal options are considered bland by many. However, that is not always the case. Herbs and spices make your food savory, decadent, and spicy while also adding vitamins and other nutrients to your diet. Many cultures have been relying on these delicious, natural substances in their diet for centuries.

For example, rosemary helps with bloating and even improving your memory. You can find vitamins in parsley, turmeric, and many other herbs and spices. Turmeric could also help with a number of issues, such as depression, fatigue, diabetes, and a lack of appetite. If you have respiratory problems, stock up on thyme. Lavender helps with insomnia and acts as an antioxidant. A very important spice for many people is coriander, which can be used to control cholesterol and blood sugar. It’s clear that these are wonderful sources of healthy nutrients that can help us feel good. Adding these into your diet will not feel like a chore because your dishes will be so much more delicious.

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The Recipes

Rebecca Toback’s incredible recipes full of herbs and spices are sure to make everyone’s mouths water when they smell them in the oven. The wonderful thing about most of these dishes is that they’re super simple and quick to make, so they’re perfect for any weeknight dinner. You can choose from recipes such as the herb-crusted rack of lamb with rosemary potatoes, oven roasted thyme potatoes, beef empanadas with cayenne pepper, and honey-roasted peaches with lavender.

Check out the entire list, try out each meal, and then pick your favorite. Get your friends together for a National Herbs and Spices Day celebration and wow them with one of these fantastic meals.

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