Fall In Love With These Fall-Themed Packed Lunches

Fall In Love With These Fall-Themed Packed Lunches
Fall is well on its way, football season is in full swing, and class is in session all across Birmingham. While your kids head back to school, this change in seasons provides the perfect opportunity to switch up their daily lunch routine. The incoming autumn brings with it a cornucopia of seasonal treats and versatile ingredients, and you can arrange them in a virtually endless variety of presentations.

Eating in Season

Now is the perfect time to mix things up for lunch, and you can compliment lunchbox mainstays like apple slices and grapes with fresh fall offerings like corn, autumn spinach, and of course, pumpkin. Check out these five awesome ideas for autumn-inspired bento boxes that your kids are sure to enjoy. Each arrangement balances a healthy variety of ingredients and flavors, all while taking advantage of the season’s bounty.

To keep things interesting, the recipes suggest presenting your recurring ingredients in different ways. If you pack turkey and cheese roll-ups one day, put those slices in croissant rolls the next day for mini sandwiches. If you pack orange slices on Monday, try kiwi or apple for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pumpkin is one of the season’s most iconic foods, and it’s also one of the most versatile ingredients you can work with. While the pulp promises a wide range of uses, don’t throw out those seeds! You can roast them with olive oil and garlic salt for a satisfying snack, or with cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat. The rest of the gourd can be used for nutritious snack balls, oatmeal, muffins, or even macaroni and cheese!

Bento To-Go

While you can always fall back on Tupperware and Ziploc containers, preparing some convenient bento boxes before allows you to portion, mix, and match your lunch ingredients for easy, kid-friendly transportation (and you can even skip the drive-through line and prep a bento box for yourself while you’re at it).

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