Benefits of Buying a Used Ford Vehicle – Long Lewis Ford

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When it comes time to buy your next car, don’t forget to consider a used Ford. While new Fords are amazing vehicles, opting for a used one will give you the reliability of a Ford, the features you want, and much more affordable pricing. Here are just a handful of the benefits you will experience when buying a used Ford.

Reliability You Can Count On

Ford builds vehicles to last, whether that is a sedan, SUV, or pickup truck. This means that there is almost no risk in buying a used Ford as opposed to a new one. As long as the seller can prove that the vehicle was properly maintained and you have an inspection, you can expect the used Ford to last for years to come.

Save Money

The main reason most people choose to buy a used Ford as opposed to a new one is purely financial. Used Fords will cost significantly less than new models, with the savings increasing if you select an older model. This makes perfect sense because you are taking advantage of depreciation. If you were to buy a new Ford, you would have to deal with depreciation, something that hurts your investment in your vehicle, particularly during the first year. Just by choosing a model that is one year old, you can save a large percentage.

Lower Insurance Rates

Buying a used Ford will also save you money on insurance. After all, your insurance rate is based on numerous factors, including the value of your vehicle. Since used models are worth less, your rates will be lower. This saves you money every single month!

Years of Choices

Configure a new Ford nearly any way you want, or select a model that has the package option you are looking for. If you like a set of features that was packaged together a few years ago or the styling of the previous generation, you may not be able to get these things with a new Ford vehicle. However, you can easily find them on a used model. Opting for a used Ford essentially gives you all the choices ever offered for that model. Therefore, you have more flexibility when selecting which Ford is best for you.

For help choosing your next used Ford, visit Long Lewis Ford. Our Hoover, Alabama dealership has an extensive selection of used and new models.  Don’t wait. Our team is ready to help you find the right vehicle for your needs, today.