Learn Self-Defense at the Women’s Protective Measures Class on Oct. 7

Women's Self-Defense Class

ACT Defense is hosting Women’s Protective Measures – Level 1 on Oct. 7 at Hoover Tactical. This class will teach you the fundamentals that will allow you to deal with dangerous situations. You don’t have to be in tip-top shape to take the class, even though it gets pretty physical. It doesn’t matter if you’re a couch potato or a physical fitness addict. You can benefit from this class.

Let’s look at some reasons why women should take self-defense classes.

Feel Empowered

It’s normal to feel a little helpless when you find yourself in frightening situations. Your pulse races when you’re in a dark parking lot at night, just as you feel scared when you see someone walking down the street toward you. You can replace that fear with a feeling of power when you take a women’s self-defense class. You will know you have the skills necessary to handle a dangerous situation, so you will feel in control. That control will give you a confidence that you’ve never had before.

Self-Defense Improves Balance

While people of any fitness level can take self-defense classes, these classes are quite physical. You will often have to do two things at once, and that will improve your balance. By the time the class is over, you will have much better control over your body. That will help you in various situations. You can also use it as a springboard to start an exercise program. Having good balance and body awareness makes it much easier to kill it in a program. You will be able to take your workouts to the next level once you become more aware of your body.

Become More Aware of Your Surroundings

You probably zone out a bit when you’re walking around. Self-defense classes teach you to focus on your surroundings so you are never surprised when you’re out and about. When you learn street awareness, you can avoid situations before they turn ugly. This is a valuable skill to learn. It will be hard to sneak up on you once you become aware of your surroundings.

Meet Others with Similar Interests

You will be in a room full of women who want the same things out of life when you attend this class. They want to be empowered and in control, just like you. Self-defense classes are an excellent way to make new friends. You will be able to hang out with like-minded people, and those relationships might follow you into the real world.

Self-defense will empower you and give you confidence. You can also empower yourself by getting a new ride from Long Lewis Ford in Hoover, Alabama. Your new ride will give you the confidence you need when driving around town.