Must-Have Accessories for Your F-150

F-150 Accessories Alabama

In addition to the various trims, cabin sizes, truck bed lengths, and engines, the Ford F-150 offers plenty of ways to customize it with accessories. There are dozens of available accessories for the F-150, but you should always opt for the genuine products from Ford. These will have a guarantee and be designed to work with your pickup; that is not always the case for third-party accessories. If you find yourself wondering which F-150 accessories you should get, consider the following popular options.

Ford F-150 Bed Cargo Illumination

If you have an F-150 model that doesn’t already come with cargo bed illumination, you can get this as an accessory. It comes in the form of two ultra-bright LED pods with a long life that will shine from the back area of your truck bed forward. You get on and off buttons in the cabin as well as the bed, and it doesn’t even require any drilling to install.

Ford F-150 Bed Covers

It is always useful to have a cover for your F-150’s truck bed. This way you can protect your cargo from the elements and from potential thieves. Genuine Ford accessories include hard covers in every exterior paint color and a range of soft options, including roll-up and folding versions.

Ford F-150 Remote Access

Opting for Remote Access lets you easily access your Ford F-150 with your smartphone. Use the app to lock, unlock, start, or even find your pickup. There are even optional security features that will let you know about impacts or shocks that may mean a theft attempt through email or texts.

Ford F-150 Seat Covers

If you plan to use your Ford F-150 for work, the seats are likely to get dirty. Don’t let a little bit of dirt or the risk of a scratch or tear lower your vehicle’s value. Seat covers can protect your upholstery from mud, dirt, and minor tears. Best of all, they are designed specifically for the F-150’s seats so they are easy to install and fit snugly.

Ford F-150 Trailer Hitch

For F-150 models that don’t already have one, you can add a trailer hitch ball mount and trailer hitch of varying sizes with an accessory. There are also other towing-related accessories, like trailer brake control, tow hooks, and trailer tow mirrors.

The team at Long Lewis Ford in Hoover, Alabama, can go over these and other Ford F-150 accessories with you. We can even install them for you right at our dealership.