Give Back This Holiday Season At One Of These Birmingham Charities

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It’s often said that true joy comes from giving rather than receiving, and that’s especially true around the Holiday season. This year, consider giving to one of these amazing Birmingham nonprofits who work tirelessly every day to make our city even better.


KultureCity is a Birmingham nonprofit with a national impact. Their goal is to bring widespread autism acceptance to the entire nation. You may have already seen their Sensory Inclusive™ stickers around town designating that a local business offers KultureCity Sensory Inclusive kits. They also provide toys to child autists through their Aucross America program, tablets for communication to child autists, Tablet:Kulture, and a sensory inclusive locator app that shows you where each and every sensory inclusive location is across the country – including the MetLife Stadium.

Oasis Counseling For Women And Children

Counseling is an amazing resource for people struggling with everything from stressful seasons of life or mental health, but it can be very expensive – the high cost is one of the biggest reasons people put off going to counseling. Fees at Oasis Counseling are determined with a sliding-scale, so patients only pay what works for their financial situation. Donating to this amazing organization helps cover the remaining costs of the counseling services, as well as other educational resources.

Community Kitchens Of Birmingham

The Community Kitchens of Birmingham provides a warm, nutritious mid-day meal 365 days a year in the Woodlawn and Southside communities. There is no requirement to receive a meal from the Community Kitchens – financial, religious, or otherwise – and everyone served by the organization is the guest and is treated as such. For over 30% of the Kitchens’ guests, this is the only meal they receive all day. This Birmingham nonprofit has been serving the city since 1980 and provides over 65,000 meals each year. You can donate on their website, and sign up to volunteer (by yourself or with a group) on the website as well!

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Birmingham Museum Of Art

As you may know, admission to the Museum is free to all every day, thanks to the generous donations that support the museum. We have such a gift here in Birmingham with the free museum admission, it makes it so much more accessible for children, teens, and adults to enrich their lives and learning with art! Donations also help fund special collections, community outreach events, and educational initiatives.

If you’re still searching for a charity or non-profit that aligns with your personal mission and vision for Birmingham, you can find an extensive list here.

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