Fun Activities to Keep You & The Kids Entertained this Summer

Summer Activities Hoover

There are many fun things for you to do with your kids this summer, and when you try out any of the things below you will entertain your children and help them make good memories this summer.

Volunteer At A Nature Center or Food Pantry

Volunteering with your kids is a great thing to do any time of the year, and especially so in summer when you have time off.

Pull out the Paint

Get creative and paint a canvas for one of the rooms in your home. If you don’t want to paint a canvas, you can paint just about anything! Leaves, rocks, old furniture! The world is your canvas when you use your imagination!

Make A Scrapbook

Make sure you take pictures of all activities you and your children do throughout the summer. As one final summer fun activity together, you can make a scrapbook filled with photos from your summer adventures.

Make Jewelry

Buy some beads and make necklaces and bracelets. If you want something really unique, you can buy really cheap jewelry from yard sales and thrift stores and repurpose the pieces from them to create new one-of-a-kind pieces!

Go To The Park

Visit as many parks as you can in your area. Bring friends with you, or take one of your children at a time on a special date to the park.

Summer Activities Hoover

Go Berry Picking

It is fun to get out in nature with your kids, and you can teach them about berries as you are picking.

Make Homemade Treats

Get in the kitchen with your children this summer and make ice cream or another delicious homemade treat.

Go Camping

You and the kids will love the break away from technology more than you think. If you don’t think your little ones are ready for a big camping trip, you can always set up a tent in the backyard and have a night under the stars in your own backyard!

Get Into Biking Or Hiking

The exercise will be good for you when you bike or hike, and it will be fun for you and the kids to have this time together each day.

Visit A Museum

It’s nice to learn in the summer, too, and you and the kids can travel to a museum to learn about the past, check out the Birmingham Museum of Art, or even get Hands on at the McWane Center! These are amazing things to do when the weather doesn’t allow for much outside time, and your little ones are getting restless!

Don’t get stressed out by bored munchkins all summer long! There are so many simple things you can do at home, in your own neighborhood, and all around Hoover and Birmingham that boredom should never be a problem! Hop into a vehicle from Long Lewis Ford and cruise through the city, today!