Plan a Fun Day Out at the Birmingham Art Crawl

Birmingham Art Crawl

If you are looking for something to do in and around Birmingham, Alabama and you are a lover of art, then you are sure to want to check out the Birmingham Art Crawl. If you are trying to find something different that you can do with your friends, your family, or even on your own, you will discover that this event is a great option for you.

The Birmingham Art Crawl takes place on the first Thursday of each month from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and it is a source of entertainment, art, culture, and community that is unique.

Buy Art at the Birmingham Art Crawl

Anyone that enjoys displaying amazing Art pieces in their home that are made by locally will love seeing all that is available for sale at the Birmingham Art Crawl. You will be able to find unique pieces at this event that will be great additions to your home. Even if you aren’t a collector, the Art Crawl is a place to find some amazing one-of-a-kind artwork. Spruce up your home this Spring with items that you know won’t be in every house, or available in your local Target!

Browse Art at the Birmingham Art Crawl

You may not currently be in the market for any new art, but just want a nice way to spend an afternoon. If this sounds like you, you will find that the Birmingham Art Crawl is a great place to walk around and enjoy seeing tons of great art and even meet the talented local artists that are responsible for the creations! This event is one that is fun to check out even if you are not up for buying art at the moment.

Become A Part of the Birmingham Art Crawl

If you are an artist yourself, then you will enjoy seeing all that is displayed at the Birmingham Art Crawl, and you will want to find out more about getting your own art displayed in an upcoming event. It is actually a very simple process to get your own artwork up at the next Birmingham Art Crawl.

Some events focus on art in a way that is beautiful and unusual, and you will find that the Birmingham Art Crawl is one of those events. If you love art, then you will enjoy exploring the Birmingham Art Crawl! Hop into a vehicle from Long Lewis Ford and drive out to the Art Crawl this first Thursday!